Let’s Talk Hope Hicks


I have two pieces of advise for the White House Communications  Director/former-cover-model-of-Gossip-girl-the-novel: don’t shit where you eat and less is more.

Starting with the latter; is it just me or do most of the female public figures in this administration appear to favor drag-queen makeup levels (more on Sanders later)? #unprecedented! Like, just, please step away from the bronzer! There’s this thing called “daytime makeup”–have you heard of it? If you’re HH the answer is no. Ms. Hicks ages goes from 29 to 39 by putting on a full face of Atlantic City style hitting-the-club makeup on a daily daytime basis. HH, if you’re worried about about your looks just get some Botox like a normal person.

Now I assume Ms. Hicks–as the WH goddamn Director of Communications–wants to be taken seriously. That’s where a more natural look might come in handy. But even more poignant would be for Ms. Hicks to heed my first piece of advice about shitting and eating.

Within the last two to three weeks Ms. Hicks has been romantically “linked” to Rob Porter, who is another major WH player. Apparently they were spotted all over each other and making out in a cab over the weekend. This is the same Ms. Hicks who was dating married campaign director Corey Lewandowski during the Trump presidential campaign.

Corey Lewandowski is famous for assaulting female reporter  during a campaign rally in the spring of 2016

He has just recently been accused of randomly smacking a woman on the ass

Rob Porter’s  two previous ex-wives have come out publicly about his history of emotional and physical abuse towards them. Rob Porter is pretty damn gross. He’s also a Mormon, obviously.

Ms. Hicks IMO has some serious daddy-issues (that would also explain her relationship with dear leader). This appears to be a simple case of poor judgement. Girl, get a tinder account and start dating outside this incestuous circle. what are you thinking?

Just another example of trump surrounding himself with people less experienced than he is and the incredulous incompetency rife in this administration.

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