I Can’t Stop Watching Zit Popping Videos on Youtube

I don’t know why I’m like this, but I know I’m not the only one.

At first glance it’s kinda gross: seeing the magnified pores and oily splotchy skin of some random stranger. But after, like, 30 seconds–or the first good pop–I can’t look away. I find my self audibly gasping at some of the better bursts. Blackheads are my absolute favorite. You never know how much is going to come out of that little hole! It’s like a clown car of gunk. Blackheads are also fun because they change color and texture: they’re dark at the top, then yellow and solid, then white and soft.  I enjoy clusters of big, clogged pores, aka the “blackhead forest” or “goldmine” to those of us in the know. And sometimes the patients present with blackheads that  have become extra blackened from long hours spent in the sun (they call them solar comedones).

I know I’m not alone because the video above has more than 10 million views–and 8.5 million of which cannot have been mine. The video commentators make me feel like part of a nice quaint little community of like-minded freaks. There have been articles written about us!

The last couple of years have even produced a number of big names in the zit-video industry: Dr. Pimple-Popper aka Sandra Lee and Dr. Vikrim, to name a few. One of Ms. Lee’s videos has over 31 million views. But, I feel compelled to thank the real heroes; the patients/subjects allowing their sessions to be recorded and for sharing it with the world!

Sandra Lee Pimple Popper
sweet release in every pore

In my personal life my love of all things able-to-be-squeezed is well known. I’m like a baboon constantly searching for parasites on those poor bastards unfortunate enough to date me. But my effusive enthusiasm leads to their withholding. Well, either that or the pinching sensation.

I have a few theories about the the meaning behind some humans’ passion for pimple porn. I feel there is some evolutionary psychological and/or physiological benefit to being compelled to drain gunk (puss is such a harsh word). But as much as it can be helpful to drain an infection/abscess in some situations it can likely be harmful for driving infections deeper by using unsteralized instruments…

There is a line I do not cross. Some of the more medical-type procedures are too much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch a few small cyst removals (it’s like a giant pimple!), but there’s a line where my curiosity gives way to gag reflex. I guess I am a light weight.

I start by thinking I’ll just watch a few minutes…I just want to see one good squeeze. Before I know it, three actual hours have passed and I still don’t feel completely satisfied. I just want one  video where ALL the pores are cleared (i will accept multiple visits strung together in one video or an easy-to-follow series of videos). Please start with finishing an entire nose!

Anyway, here are a few of my all-time favorites:






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