True life: I am a Vegetarian Afraid to Go Vegan

4 thoughts on “True life: I am a Vegetarian Afraid to Go Vegan”

  1. Wow you’re surprisingly informed, far more aware than the average person. That in itself is impressive.
    I think you’d benefit though from looking into some alternatives to the dairy and animal based products you still eat, and switch over to those products in a way that’s satiating and comfortable for you.
    SO many companies are making vegan dairy and cheese and meat products, which you obviously know, so it shouldn’t be hard to find good stuff locally (or you can make simple recipes yourself that mimic dairy and eggs and such, youtube is the hub for that kind of stuff).

    Even if you don’t have vegan friends in person, I’ll be your internet vegan buddy! So don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help:)

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  2. I ended up cutting out dairy and eggs by limiting their consumption to weekends only, and to eating out. Over time, things like eggs and cheese lost their thrall, and I stopped eating them. And then, I discovered Follow Your Heart (or Earth Balance) vegan cheese slices, and now everything is perfect. I have a cheesy thing for sammiches and such that is good enough to spook an omnivore.
    That said, I think you’re doing far more than the average bear, and if you wanted to stop where you are, you go right ahead. I mean, you don’t need anyone’s permission – let alone mine – but if it makes you feel better, you’ve got mine.

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