Waiting for the Next “Biggest” Mass Murder, Part II

Why we Need to to Stop Blaming “Mental Illness” As a psychiatric social worker, some basic  issues come to mind when public figures blame “mental illness” willy-nilly as the cause for mass murder.  1. People who commit mass murder are no more likely to be mentally ill than then general population. Unfortunately, it is an … Continue reading Waiting for the Next “Biggest” Mass Murder, Part II

Let’s Talk Hope Hicks

  I have two pieces of advise for the White House Communications  Director/former-cover-model-of-Gossip-girl-the-novel: don’t shit where you eat and less is more. Starting with the latter; is it just me or do most of the female public figures in this administration appear to favor drag-queen makeup levels (more on Sanders later)? #unprecedented! Like, just, please … Continue reading Let’s Talk Hope Hicks