Understanding Kanye

What are Psychotic Symptoms and how do they Manifest in Kanye West?   The majority of the public discourse about Kanye West’s recent comments praising Trump are missing one vital piece of information: Kanye has repeatedly displayed symptoms of mental illness. He has talked somewhat openly about a mental “breakdown” which he refers to as … Continue reading Understanding Kanye


I lie like a whisper I lie with the lights out And it won’t take me long just to find you And it won’t take me long just to find you I’m allied to the winter So don’t you get clever Don’t you get clever I’m allied to the landslide Gonna leave you all severed … Continue reading Severed

Let’s Talk Hope Hicks

  I have two pieces of advise for the White House Communications  Director/former-cover-model-of-Gossip-girl-the-novel: don’t shit where you eat and less is more. Starting with the latter; is it just me or do most of the female public figures in this administration appear to favor drag-queen makeup levels (more on Sanders later)? #unprecedented! Like, just, please … Continue reading Let’s Talk Hope Hicks